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16th July 2010


K: Let Your Countdowns Begin…

At about this team each year, thermometers in the Southeast begin to boil, Dan Haren starts pitching like a back of the rotation guy, and the sports nation starts to think about Saturdays only a couple of months away. The day when EA releases its newest iteration of NCAA Football kind of marks it for me - it is time to start counting down to football season. Baseball and our powerful imaginations are all we have to hold us over until then. Baseball is admittedly a pretty good distraction, with at least 15 games pretty much every night, and video games can create lasting memories (ask Derek about the time that he started celebrating after he scored with a few seconds left, running around the house chanting his own name, while I audibly vowed to return the kick to win it. Then I did) and let us start fictionalizing the awesomest of scenarios (like Colin Kaepernick winning the Heisman).

Well, here’s a little something to make you wish Week 1 would get here all that faster:

Thursday, Sept 2 - Sure, Southern Miss plays South Carolina, the team who turned what should have been a super exciting kickoff Thursday into a snoozer against NC State, and USC plays Hawaii so you can get your late night fix, but if you can find it to watch it, Pittsburgh opens at Utah. Both are Top 25 possibilities.

Friday, Sept 3 - If there is a time to care about small teams that could make noise, its when you’re fiendin’ for more football and need a fix. Arizona takes on Toledo, and their spread offenses should give us some pretty fun action through the air and Arizona always has speed in the backfield (and possibly at QB if Matt Scott gets on the field).

Saturday, Sept 4 - While I’ll be up early to watch John Brantley debut, the rest of you will probably be tuning in a little later to watch Purdue take on the Golden Domers, UConn at Michigan, UCLA at K. State, or Texas pummel Rice on the four letter network. We aren’t done yet. After that, Oregon State will battle TCU, Heisman-hyped Jake Locker will lead Washington to try and correct last year’s ref error and beat BYU, and of course, LSU will take on UNC’s monster defense in what should be a Top 15 battle. Even after that, Cincinatti goes to Fresno St. and UNLV plays Wisconsin.

Sunday, Sept 5 - You thought it was over, huh? Nah, Sunday has Tulsa vs. ECU, but more importantly SMU vs. Texas Tech. Why? These two teams air it out more than anyone on Earth so expect gaudy QB numbers as the score pinballs higher and higher. 150 total is within reach, kids!

Monday, Sept 6 - A revived Navy and a floundering Maryland continue their state rivalry, and finally, and this makes me sport-ually aroused, its Kellen Moore and Boise State up against Ryan Williams and Virginia Tech, in Atlanta.

I think I just got a contact high.


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